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On this episode...

- Shaw places a phone call to an unknown contact expressing concerns that the Blooms will find out the real purpose behind their reactivation, and suggests telling them, but the contact says no.

- Lizzie asks Sam for $700 to take cooking classes, and Sam obliges as long as it remains a secret.

- Sam and Steven are sent to Dublin posing as Irish Dept. of Justice representatives to retrieve a an ex-IRA militant named Sean Cullen who belongs to a group called the "Black Hand Brigade" with knowledge of a stolen hard drive containing sensitive details regarding CIA detainee centers.  When they get to Dublin, Leo is already in the convict's empty cell having heard of his escape from Shaw.

- Cullen kidnaps Marie, the girlfriend of his former associate Brian, who possesses the key to the safety deposit box where the hard drive is being stored

- Hoyt paints the symbol of the Brigade on Steven's neck, and then Sam accompanies Steven to a bar known to cater to members of the Brigade

- Steven's cover is blown, but he takes out two guards while speaking to the leader of the Brigade about Cullen's whereabouts.  The man is as eager to make Cullen pay as Steven claims to be, but does not know where he is.  He gives Steven a clue that puts them on Brian's trail

- Leo and Hoyt question Cullen's ex-girlfriend posing as air force pilots, but she sees through their ruse and Leo decides to take a more seductive approach to get information out of her.

- Steven and Sam arrive at Brian's apartment to find Leo already there.

- Hoyt found an empty disposable cell phone box in Brian's garbage and was able to trace Brian's location.

- Brian met Cullen who was holding Marie hostage in exchange for the key.  Brian gave Cullen the key, and Cullen let Marie go as agreed, but she picked up a gun and shot Brian.

- They track Cullen and Marie to a hotel and Hoyt manages to get access to hotel registry. They bust into the room and question Marie who has an invitation to a symphony, evidently where they are supposed to sell the hard drive.

- Sam takes Marie's place at the dropoff, unaware Marie gave them false information about how she is to contact Cullen.

- During the exchange, Sam texted "Beatrice" to Cullen, who was expecting a blank text. 

- The buyer made Sam, and pulled a gun on her.  Steven, who was posing as a drummer in the orchestra, shot a tranq dart at the buyer with the special drumstick Hoyt gave him.

- Hoyt traced the source to the parking garage underneath.

- Leo made it to the garage first, and Cullen surprised him and held him at gunpoint.

- Sam arrived and refused to negotiate with Cullen, much to Leo's surprise.

- Steven arrived with the money and against Sam's urging, gave the money to Cullen telling Leo he was returning the favor that Leo did to him in Belgrade , the worst "90 seconds" of his life.

- Cullen took  Leo hostage in his car.  90 seconds later, Leo dove out of the car and the briefcase exploded.

- Leo questioned Sam as to why she hasn't told Steven about why she really left the agency.

- Sam tried to tell Steven why she left, claiming she didn't want to have anymore secrets.  Steven convinced her that their pasts don't matter as long as they really love one another now.  She asked him if he was just trying to keep from telling her about his past, and he dodged the question.

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Undercovers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Samantha: You know the goal of going undercover is being inconspicuous.
Leo: That's why I went balls out. No one questions the boss, guys. Also, you can't spell 'inconspicuous' without 'conspicuous.'

You could just ignore the issue. God knows it worked like a charm for my marriage. All three of them.