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Steven and Samantha Bloom (Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw) run a catering company that is not doing well.  As they are preparing to leave for a catering job, they are approached by a CIA representative, Carlton Shaw (Gerald McRaney), who says he knows their past as CIA operatives before they decided to turn their backs on their country - and the company that invested so much in them - in favor of a normal life, something Shaw finds rather distasteful. 

He is under orders to try and enlist their help to find a missing agent with past ties to the Blooms, Leo Nash, who has gone missing while working undercover on project Black Swan trying to take down weapons dealer Alexander  Slotsky.  Samantha had assisted on Black Swan prior to her departure, but Steven has no knowledge of it, as Samantha explains they agreed to their classified histories just that. The two decline, and head out to the wedding they're catering, where they reminisce about their own wedding and Leo, and Samantha comments she can't remember the last time she and Steven danced.   The two decide to take on this one mission and head to Europe in search of Leo

While in Spain, the Blooms meet Bill Hoyt, their CIA field support contact with a man-crush on Steven.  Following a string of clues leads them to crash a wedding by parajumping.   Just prior to the jump, Samantha reveals she had an eight month relationship with Leo prior to Steven.   At the wedding Samantha uses "sexpionage" to distract weapons trafficker Claudio Vega, so she can clone his phone.  After she ditches Vega, she meets up with Steven who stops and leads her out on the dance floor, saying he wants them to remember the last time they danced.  After analyzing the data from Vega's phone, they head to Paris and find a flash drive that Leo hid on the roof of a hotel.  Steven has an altercation with one of Slotsky's associates, but takes him down.  

Shaw wants them to return home and bring the flash drive, but Steven and Samantha defy him and he gives them 48 hours to wrap it up or it's off to Leavenworth.  Steven takes the flash drive to one of his past contacts in Paris for decrypting.  Information they retrieved from Steven's assailant takes them to a plant where Leo is being held.  Steven's contact calls and tells him the flash drive contained classified information which convinces Steven that Leo has turned, and he goes to take Leo into custody, but Samantha refuses to believe it.

As they two untie him, Leo explains he was there to try to get to Slotsky and take him out and was only luring him there with the intel - as well as the fact that it was actually a nine month relationship between he and Samantha.   As they try to escape they come under fire and Slotsky  takes off in a car.  Samantha pursues Slotsky and stops him by shooting his car with a bazooka and then apprehends him.  

The Blooms return to the US, Leo, Hoyt and Slotsky in tow, where Shaw commends them on recovering Leo and, even more surprisingly, for bringing in Slotsky, and then reluctantly extends the offer for them to return to the agency on a case by case basis.   They agree, under the condition that they can keep the catering business as a cover.

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