Family Betrayal - Underground
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Patty tortures Cato. She has her men waterboard him using her pantyhose and she shaves off all of his hair including his eyebrows. She tells him that she uses men like him to help her capture other slaves and other black people because people trust others who look like them. She claims that in order for him to be let go he has to help her capture 60 black people, 30 for him and 30 on Devi's behalf. 

Patty explains this and how black people think to the magistrate, and Cato "proves her point" when he tries to shoot her with an empty shotgun. She sets up a deal with the magistrate to capture more black people, including free black people for a profit. 

Cato is sent into a bath house where he strikes up a conversation with a free black man in there. He eventually turns the man over to Patty's men, and the free man tells people about his papers, but it doesn't matter. When Devi finds out what Cato has been doing she's upset. She calls it barbaric and refers to him as being a monster.

Cato, fed up with what she's said and her inability to grasp what things are like in America, he turns her over to Patty too. Devi is sold into slavery despite not being black or American, and instead of 59 people, he's down to only needing 28 more. 

Clara is on a powertrip because she's in bed with the master. She has the overseer go through the plantation and take away all the drugs. She's treating the others like crap and having them serve her. Everyone notices how power hungry she is and her father calls her out on it. She doesn't respond well to Ernestine trying to tell her to settle down and she attempts to poison Ernestine but fails. Ernestine tells her that she has a right to be angry about Hicks (whom she had punished) but she can't have her blood or her life. 

Ernestine arranges to escape and does. By the time Clara tells Matthew about Ernestine's plans, Ernestine is gone. Ernestine is on her way out when she runs into August.

Noah and rosalee return to macon planation. Rosalee is all over the place and not thinking about the best way to do things and Noah has to ground her. She finds out that her mother has been sold and that James lives in the big house. Noah enlists the help of Corra, but Rosalee doesn't like it because Corra is a gossip.

Rosalee sneaks into the house to get James, but James screams alerting everyone. Rosalee is captured and is being tortured by Bill who goes to brand her. Noah looks on trying to find the best way to rescue her but overhears her pleading for her and her baby's life. He's shocked.

Daniel is teaching other slaves how to read but is found out and blinded.

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Underground Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Trader: $7 to sell free men into the space trade...
Patty: Well, it's nothing so harsh. It's just a case of misidentification. For example, there's a girl, real pretty East Indian number. She has no business being here in the States, but it doesn't matter that her shade of brown is a little different. I know a few men, deep down, who will pay a pretty penny to put those ruby lips to use.

Cato: What do you want from me?
Patty: Trust. It's how you get people to let their guard down, and people trust those who look like them more than they trust those who do not.