Unlikely Allies - Underground
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Cato sneaks into Patty's room and shows her what Donahue has been working on. She gets upset that Donahue was once again talking about how Patty failed to catch Harriet. Cato tells her that she has to catch Harriet and then sings her the song about the stops to the underground railroad. Cato shows up at the boarding house pretending to be a lost slave in need of help.

The boarding house is having issues raising money because of the rumors about Georgia passing. They hold a bake sale, but they can't get anyone to participate. Elizabeth's old acquaintance, Laney, shows up and talks about all of her travels to exotic places, and how she as a woman could somewhat relate to the plight of the slave. When Elizabeth asks for a donation, she claims she can't donate anything without her husband's permission. 

The Sewing circle and Harriet discuss ways to make enough money to transport Rosalee and Noah back to the boardinghouse. Harriet says sometimes you have to sin a little for a greater cause. She has a conversation about faith with Elizabeth. Elizabeth head to a church. She and one of the members of the circle is there on Christmas morning. the other member releases snakes, which slither throughout the church and cause chaos and pandemonium. While everyone is running out, Elizabeth takes the tithe box. 

The preacher yells at them but Georgia threatens them with a gun and he tells them they are all going to hell. Later one, when Elizabeth finds out how bad the boarding house is doing financially, she goes to Laney and blackmails her into giving money and whatever else, by threatening to tell her husband of all of her affairs.

Noah and Corra try to come up with a plan to rescue Rosalee and James. Rosalee is back to being a house slave serving Suzanna. She sees that James is doted on like the golden child and little TR hates it. James tells Rosalee that he isn't going anywhere, that Rosalee abandoned him and he likes it there.

Noah and Corra try to find one of the chosen good slaves who will have dinner with the Mistress to get on their side. They decide none of them can be trusted. Noah goes to Bill, strangles him to death, then uses his gun to hold up Suzanna. Rosalee knocks James out and they take off, but before they do TR tries to stop them with his own gun.

TR gets shot in the leg, Rosalee sets the mansion on fire and they flee.

Ernestine is being transported to Patty with Smoke and August. She asks questions about everything, and Augusts refuses to answer but Smoke gives up too much information. Ernestine falls into the water and tries to swim to shore and the others have to go after her. She claims it's because the catchers from her plantation are after them.

They have to head through the woods, and she tries to leave a trail to get the hound dogs to find them, but August covers her tracks. Smoke is increasingly annoyed with Ernestine. He discovers that she has been taking drugs and comments on both her and August being addicts.

When they stop, August and Ernestine end up having a deep conversation about their kids and sharing August's drink. They discuss how they want to do right by them. August feels like he let Bill down. Ernestine tells him that they do the best that they can. She talks about how Sam was her favorite. Later on, she tells Smoke that she has to use the bathroom.

When Smoke checks in on her, he realizes she's trying to run. He attacks her and dislocates her shoulder. She's fighting him and he's about to kill her when August stabs him through the neck. Then he shoots him. Ernestine is afraid, but August resets her shoulder. When she wakes up, they're back in the boat and heading South instead of to Patty.

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Underground Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Smoke: Patty asked us both with driving this property. It wouldn't be favorable if she got stolen just 'cause you and I can't work together.
August: Bequiet.
Ernestine: Who's Patty? Patty Cannon? What she want with me?
Smoke: Well, she has business with your daughter.
August: I said, shut your mouth.

Your plan to break your Black Rose ain't happening fast enough. You should be coming after the Queen herself, not her court. Show this butcher of words Harriet Tubman is just another runaway nigger. Then, she'll be a footnote in your story instead of the other way around.