The Rebel
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Harriet Tubman dresses and prepares to give a speech to abortionists. She puts on her clothes and covers up her scarred back from all the lashings she receives. She walks out into the small room with the stage and admits that she's not great at giving speeches and is nervous.

She begins talking about her childhood and what her time was like in slavery. She talks about what slavery did to her and how she didn't like being in the house but much preferred being outside, but she was too sickly. She talks about the first time she felt free after running away from her mistress' house. 

She discusses what freedom means to her and what it means to other slaves. She talks about how difficult it was the first time she fled because her brothers convinced her to go back. She then fled alone and hated that she didn't have her family with her so decided to go back. 

When she went back her husband had married someone else. She talked about all the people she freed and how she had to keep going and how God spoke to her. She endorsed John Brown and an argument broke out between Brown's men and others who debated the methods being used.

Harriet talked about how the methods and debating them is part of what kept them from getting far. She talked about the hypocrisy of church going folk believing in something as barbaric as slavery and how poor white people were easily manipulated into supporting slavery when it didn't benefit them. She talked about how they were going to war. She encourages others to get involved because not getting involved is being complicit.

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Underground Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

To tell you how I came to be free, first you gotta understand what bondage was like for me. How it attacks the senses. The sound of it. the crack of a whip like thunder. The feel of you could barely take a full breath. The taste of it, like all your teeth, are made of copper. the smell of it. The fade in stench of everybody sold away; and the look of it, every eye turned down to the ground away from the horror.


The first thing I knew, was to be afraid of white men.