Forced To Face Their Choices - Underground
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Rosalee is on bed rest after her trying trek home.

The Sewing circle plans a rally. Georgia says that she won't speak at it and Elizabeth is shocked. They prepare for John Brown's men coming to town, including Lucas. The Circle and the men debate on the best way to take action and fight others and Elizabeth is intrigued by the way the guys do things. 

She's also intrigued by John Brown's passion. She's assigned to go with him to make sure he doesn't do anything violent, when he disrupts a polling place, and she questions why he is so passionate about the cause. eh tells her a story about watching a slave get beaten etc when he was a  young boy and how he kept wanting to do something but never did and then it was too late. Then he tells Elizabeth that he made it up, and asks her why does someone need a reason to fight against something that isn't right.

Noah cleans up and has breakfast with Cato. He wonders why cato has captured him. Cato wonders why Noah is the one who survived out of most of the Macon 7 and confronts him about leaving him behind. They have a discussion on their different ideologies and Cato tries to bring out the selfish nature in Noah. 

He later presents Noah with the choice of being sold back into slavery or choosing to save a bunch of other slaves he brought in front of him. Noah is distraught but chooses himself over the others and it breaks his heart. He and Cato physically fight and Cato applauds him for coming to grips with his true nature. Later, cato is shown buying all the other slaves' freedom but he doesn't let Noah know that. 

Noah has a discussion with William Still where he talks about how guilty he feels that he made it and the others didn't. 

We catch up on what Cato had been up to in the past few months. Apparently, Cato went to London where he donated art to a gallery and met a British Indian woman, Devi. They start a love affair. Devi tries to ground Cato, and that includes reminding him to harness his anger and that he isn't the only one who has endured bad things. She tells him that as  british Indian woman in England, she faces discrimination and hardships too.

In Dublin she introduced him to boxing and he beings fighting. He meets his friend, Francis, who accompanies them everywhere. At some point it's not enough for him, so he breaks things off with Devi and abandons her in England letting her think he's a monster. 

He tells Francis that the reason he has come back to America is because he wants to shake things up and get involved in the movement. 

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Underground Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Cato: What do you see when you look at the sculpture?
Devi: Timelessness.

It ain't about the risk. Reading is a curse. All the words...they give words to all the feelings nobody told me about--not even my dad-- and I'm crushing under the weight of the knowledge. It opens up the world to you, and shows you how small the one they got us chained to is.