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Mary is having a family date with Adam and her family, but her sister realizes that something isn't right with her and questions Shia, who tries to say everything is fine and she isn't drinking. 

The team allows Mary's abusive ex on set for the cameras and he causes a lot of trouble. Mary is rude to him and he attacks Adam. Later, he tells Mary that she is nothing and their daughter is better off without her. 

Mary makes a stupid decision and jumps off the roof of the mansion, potentially jumping to her death. She wanted to take Rachel with her. Quinn rushes over and realizes her head is bleeding. 

Lizzie calls things off with Jeremy when she realizes he is always going to go to Rachel when she needs him, but he isn't too upset. 

Quinn and Chet relationship reaches a turning point, but Cynthia calls him and puts a spanner in the works as Quinn can't bare to look at him again. 

Adam makes his feelings for Rachel known, but she plays coy to him and he looks upset that he laid it all out there and she never reciporicated.

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UnREAL Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Adam: That's sweet.
Mary: Sweet? This is my date.

It's time for you to wiggle your sweet little lawyer ass out of here. You've had your fun, now get out.