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Rachel leaves Adam's bed and goes to her truck to find Jeremy there. She goes to his house and sleeps with him. He asks her to leave with her and go live in LA and live like normal people, but she doesn't know what she wants. She goes out with him and her friends and ditches a call from Chet. Adam asks her to run away with him also, but she has no idea what to do. 

Quinn takes her flash drive with all of her ideas to Brad and he says she has one shot. She then goes back to production and asks Rachel to be her business partner, but Rachel refuses. Quinn then finds the video of Rachel and Adam and blackmails them. 

Quinn tries to get Madison to pursue a lawsuit against Chet, but she isn't so sure that she wants to and goes to Wagerstein, who then takes the news to Chet while asking for him to get her a spin off because of everything she's went through on the show. 

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UnREAL Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Chet: About the babies. I knocked up my wife with hate sex. Imagine what I could do for you.
Quinn: Oh, I know what you can do for me.

Are you leaving before round two?