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Rachel is bringing the girls in a limousine to the show and they all need the toilet, but she changes the subject because they can't stop.

Quinn is getting stressed because the girls aren't there yet and they don't have a lot of night left.

No one is particularly happy to see Rachel back at work after she took a meltdown which could have cost everyone their job.

Quinn has given her the gig to try and get her life back in order after past events and even goes as far to get someone to cover her probation.

Shia is less than impressed when she realizes that Rachel got the girls she was supposed to be getting and looks poised to get her in trouble.

Quinn is sleeping with Chet. Chet tries to fire people on the show and Quinn warns him against it.

Jeremy is not happy to see Rachel and he drops a bombshell that he has moved on and is engaged.

Rachel must manipulate some of the relationships in order to create drama and in turn raise the ratings of the show.

Rachel tells Adam to do something shocking and don't follow the rules and he chooses to lose Britney who then melts down.



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