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Chet tries to get back in Quinn's good books, but she isn't having any of it and forces him out of her office and goes on a date with Bill, who turns out to be the real creator of Everlasting, along with Quinn. 

Chet is less than impressed and takes Jay out on a drug fueled binge that also includes hookers. Quinn is annoyed about this. 

Rachel has her work cut out for her when she goes to Adam's vineyard in Napa. She has to pull a lot of strings just to get permission to film there and is shocked when investors show up that Adam has asked along. 

She works her magic and talks Adam up so they fund him, but they say he needs his father. Chet steps in and pulls Adam his way to secure the funding without the help of his parents, in the process making a deal with the devil. 

Rachel tells Adam to stay away from her, but he is confused about why she's acting that way with him. 

Quinn shows Chet that she still has the look book and is willing to go public with it because of the way he is treating her.

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UnREAL Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Adam: I hope that guy knows that he's doing.
Rachel: Listen, that guy is saving your ass.

Seriously, what does this guy not get about what we are doing here? We are selling true love.