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Rachel is caught off-guard when Adam shows up on set and tries to win her back. She makes it clear that she's happy with Coleman.

Adam doesn't take no for an answer and pursues her throughout, but she forces him to leave the set and never contact her again. 

Darius goes out of his way to make an effort on a date, but Chantal goes too far and Darius ends up with her dead husband's ashes in his mouth. 

He storms out of the mansion, with Romeo, Tiffany and Yael. 

Rachel calls the police and reports the car stolen and she Coleman go film the arrest, but things take a terrifying turn when Rachel runs out the bushes and Romeo is shot by police. 

Rachel then makes a decision and contacts her mother, telling her she needs help and is taken to psych ward, to get better. 

Quinn is made showrunner and Coleman is dropped from the series, but she's shocked to the core when she notices Rachel is leaving to get help. 

Yael then makes a quick getaway with Jeremy and records the whole conversation as Jeremy gets ready to open up about the secrets on the set of Everlasting. 

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Welcome back, meat packet.


Oh, Rachel, you should screw the talent more often.