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Rachel overhears Coleman watching the video of Rachel revealing what happened to Mary. Rachel tries to get Coleman to delete the video, but Coleman informs her that Quinn is the one making her life terrible.

Rachel observes that Coleman is venting because he’s worried about his career, but he assures her that Quinn will pin the murder on her. He tells her she needs to get back in Quinn’s good books in order to have any chance of taking her down.

Brad is taking each of the three finalists on a date. He speaks to Jay about his plan to not take Tiffany with him. Darius tells Jay he needs to get Chantal to drop out and make sure she thinks it’s on her own terms.

Yael meets up with Coleman to let him hear the recording of Jeremy. He says it’s great and Yael gets him to kiss her and notes that there will be a next time.

Rachel apologizes to Quinn and tries to go back to work. Quinn makes it clear that they don’t her help, but Madison asks for help. Rachel is rude to her, but Madison fires back that she saw Yael leaving Coleman and that she wouldn’t be surprised if something is going on with them.  

Rachel storms off.Rachel pulls Coleman aside and asks about Yael, but Coleman tries to get away from what happened. He lies to Rachel and says he shut the pass down. Rachel walks off and Coleman tells her not to push away him.

Jay tries to manipulate Chantal into quitting, but she wonders what’s really going on when Jay tells her that she will be the next eliminated contestant if she doesn’t quit.

Madison sends a call out for Hot Rachel and Rachel says she will deal with her. A confused Madison thanks her. Rachel goes to get her and is sent to her room to pick up a dress.

Chet tries to call Tiffany a slut, but she makes it clear she intends to move on with Darius.

Quinn gets annoyed with Jay when Tiffany and Darius do terrible on their latest date.

Rachel overhears Jay telling Madison that Chantal is dropping out and goes to work on a plan to screw things up.

Darius apologizes for taking advantage of Tiffany, but she is quick to point out that she enjoyed it.

Rachel tells Quinn she has a plan to destroy Yael and Quinn lets her go full steam ahead with it.

Tiffany is jealous that Yael got a dinner with Darius, while she had to settle for golf.

Yael goes down on Tiffany on the balcony and they drop something over it.

Rachel changed Yael’s sauce from her dinner and she pooped herself on national television. Rachel let her know it was her who put the plan in motion.

Quinn bows down to Rachel, but Jay goes crazy with Quinn and Rachel.

Madison tries to keep Chantal in the game, but Chantal is not silly and knows her game.

Chantal goes butt naked with Darius in the hot tub.

Rachel speaks to Quinn about Mary’s death, but Quinn reveals that Shia was the one who did it.

Quinn reveals that she saved Rachel from going to prison. The scene cuts to Coleman listening into their conversation. He bugged the office.

Coleman reveals that he tapped Rachel’s phone. Rachel lies that she’ll help him take Quinn down.

Quinn finds out that she can’t have children and has a meltdown and trashes the set.

Rachel reveals that Coleman knows. They agree to take him down and hug. 

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Yael: So, um, any tips for getting Darius interested?
Coleman: Trust me, he’s interested.

Rachel: Let me entertain you.
Quinn: Why?
Rachel: Because I want back in.
Quinn: I’m listening.