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Rachel and Quinn got security to get rid of Coleman, but he promised it wasn't over. 

Quinn then told Rachel they needed to get Yael to show up on live TV to cause drama. Rachel reluctantly talked Yael round. 

Coleman visited Jeremy to let him in on the plan, but Jeremy went running to Rachel and informed her what was going to happen. 

Rachel realized there was nothing she could do. It was time. 

Quinn told both Chantal and Tiffany that they were going to win the show and get married on live TV. 

Both of their families appeared and they were shocked to realize they were up against one another, dressed as brides. 

Darius refused to marry one of them on TV, but was shocked to the core when Ruby appeared. 

Darius immediately realized Ruby was his winner and made his feelings clear to her. 

Ruby was ecstatic, but refused to marry Darius on TV because they've known each other just nine weeks. 

The other two girls were furious. 

Jeremy pulled Chet out of the room. 

Chet returned with Jeremy, who revealed that he told Rachel he would do whatever it took to save the show. 

He killed both Coleman and Yael.

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I wanna see a bitch bleed. Thank you.


Quinn: So... what? You're screwing her now?
Chet: How did you know?