Final 2! - UnREAL Season 3 Episode 10
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In the grip truck, Quinn finds the hidden camera.

Rachel confirms Serena’s serious about hiring her.  

Despite making worse press about himself disappear, Chet’s unable to kill Quinn’s article. There’s truth to this double standard for women!

Jasper and Owen, leave the mansion, travel to Connecticut or the finale.

Quinn confronts doc about his hidden cam. Fires him.

Chet shows Quinn the paper's headline: Fiona’s working for Gary! 

Quinn offers to team up with Fiona to take Gary ‘the pussy grabbing slime ball’ down.

Rachel tells Quinn she’s leaving to work for Serena.

Quinn gives her the 50k (she spent on her father) for her dream cabin So Rachel can “get all the way out.”

They fight. .Rachel: “After I get Serena her husband, we’re done!”

In CT, Owen talks to Serena’s dad. Serena’s mom grills Jasper about the bet. Dr. Simon shows up on location.

Madison returns.

Jeremy tells Charlie he’s leaving her and the show. His job is hers.

On Charlie’s way out, she calls Rachel a manipulative bitch.

Gary and his wife arrive for the finale. 

Surprise! Quinn has women lined up for a sexual harassment suit.

Rachel doesn’t want to push Serena into either of the suitors.. Basically talks her out of choosing either guy.

Finale! Serena lined up with both men - but wait! Rachel gives Crystal great idea.

She appears on stage in a wedding gown, asks Chet to marry her LIVE. Sorry, Chet’s in love with Quinn. 

Now back to Serena...Owen proposes...Rejected! Jasper proposes...Rejected! Finale ends sans wedding.

Fiona in Quinn’s office. Killed article on Quinn for an exclusive on Gary.  Girl power! Quinn tells Madison to pitch Fiona her pilot.

Rachel to Serena: You’re a feminist hero on twitter. Serena saw how much pleasure Rachel got from Crystal mortified at the alter. It’s a no go on the job.

Serena in limo alone, back on dating app, getting plenty of matches. 

Graham goes home with the new car that neither suitor won.

Madison shows Fiona her pilot, takes off her blouse. 

Rachel and Quinn say their goodbyes.

Quinn shows up at Chet’s door! 

Rachel’s at her new cabin, alone. 

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

There’s no version of this job or any relationship with you that will be healthy for Rachel, ever.

Dr. Simon

Chet: I’m beginning to think there’s something to that whole double standard thing you go on and on about. This town really is tougher on ladies!
Quinn: You think?