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In the control room, Rachel calls her depressed Dad while watching Alexi masturbate in his room.

Quinn tours her friend Fiona around set.

On Everlasting, it’s the week of a Hometown date. Owen gets it.

Chet’s fighting for his son. Quinn agrees to be his character witness.

Dr. Simon tells Jeremy to back off of Rachel. Instead, Jeremy tells Charlie to stay back at the mansion.

Quinn asks Fiona to develop a new show with her, but Everlasting is beneath Fiona.

In Owen’s hometown, Serena can't picture herself as a mom for Owen's daughter, Riley. 

Quinn wants Owen, The “Heartland Hometown Hero” to win Serena’s heart, but the Suitress isn’t feeling it. Rachel won't force her into being a reluctant mom-- like Rachel's.

Quinn travels to hometown, brings a clown to set to scare Riley. She pees her pants, runs across the street, is almost hit by a truck. Serena's motherly instinct kicks in, she saves her.

Back at the mansion ... Jay and Alexi blow lines, watch dance videos. Jay’s super-into Alexi.

... August and Jasper argue, dig holes. August penetrates a deeper hole than Jasper, while Madison and Charlie shoot wet shirtless man porn.

Madison lets it slip that Jeremy chose not to take Charlie on the hometown.

Chet :Quinn crossed a line, putting Owen’s kid in harm’s way. She’s not a parent, so she can’t understand. OK then, Quinn won’t speak at his hearing.

August and Zach show off their holes to Serena. She’s barely impressed and eliminates Zach. He exits after planting a HOT kiss on Serena!

Dr. Simon tells Rach her dad checked himself out, went home.

Chet gets call from Gary while taking bong hits.Gary wants to trade Chet an Emmy for Quinn’s head.

Quinn chooses (going out with) Fiona over (talking to) Rachel.

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Riley: You’re my new mommy!”
Serena: No, I’m not!

If she’s not feeling it, we make her feel it!