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Hot men all over set tempt Rachel’s celibacy. Rachel and August share a steamy moment  caught by Quinn.

Serena approaches landing a husband like business. She’s focused, obnoxious, and NO fun.

She resets, taking Chet’s advice to dumb herself down.The guys start tripping over their dicks to get to her. 

Chet shocks Quinn: He's in love with Crystal.   

Alexi complains, “Serena wants a poodle and I’m a man!”

Like a shark, Rachel smells blood in the water. She encourage Alexi, “Be a man!” How? By doing exactly what she tells him.

Boom! Rachel is back!

Quinn’s drunk when Gary shows up unannounced.

A fight between Billy and Alexi ensues. Gary tries to stop it from the control room, but the magic combination of Rachel producing and Quinn directing plays out perfectly.  

Billy rescues Serena from the brawl, nabbing Quinn the perfect promo shot, showing Gary she’s still got it.

Pre-elimination, Rachel tells August he looks amazing. Undeniable chemistry!

Billy threatens to sue given the fight was a setup. Quinn forces Serena to keep him to avoid a lawsuit.

Day’s wrapped. From the control room, Quinn watches and listens to August and Rachel in the hammock.

As their attraction intensifies, Rachel bows out before her celibacy is toast.

Quinn at August’s hammock. August:  Am I in trouble? Quinn: Yes.

Rachel can't sleep. Goes back outside. “August?”

He's gone.

In Quinn’s office, August is completely naked, nailing Quinn up on her desk. 


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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Are you guys having sex? Because your nipples are showing, Rachel.


Serena: I don’t want to cut the wrong guy, so I need to individuate the contenders. 
Quinn: Yeah you wouldn’t want to have the wrong guy slip through your crack.