Two Geriatrics - UnREAL
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Quinn goes to her gynecologist and discovers she has a 5% chance of a live birth because of her age and health. She then misses her meeting with a Fiona because of her appointment, and Rachel has to cover for her.

After Chet discovers Candy has a phone, he convinces Candy keep tabs on August in exchange for keeping her phone. Jay poisons Alexi in order to frame his relapse for the media after the Passport to Dance disaster. The next game is a racing game, and Rachel rigs it to make Alexi's car drive too fast and he crashes, leading to severe damage in his legs, rendering his career impossible. Quinn is disgusted, but Tommy is impressed by Rachel's manipulative prowess. Rachel finds out Tommy fixed the car she rigged, planted coke, and called the inspector, "proving" the story about Alexi's relapse. She is mutually impressed by his expertise.

Rachel gets on board with Quinn for her pregnancy even though she doesn't want to, August knows about her baby and is scared. Rachel tries to get another contestant, Jack on her side, by pretending she is interested in him. At the same time, She gets Roger to pick Maya, who is scared, and she tells Roger to pursue Maya. Roger apologizes for assaulting Maya but when they are in a room together, she is extremely scared and stays away.

Rachel sleeps with Jack, but after she leaves, August confronts her, saying he made a mistake and that telling him about Quinn's baby proved she's the only one who cares about him. They drive away together.

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UnREAL Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Rachel: Tommy and I were tap dancing and pulling shit out of our asses, and you're what? You're trying on veils?
Quinn: Well, if you must know, I was splayed out in stirrups, listening to my gynecologist harangue me about what a friggin' miracle it is that anything could actually grow in my crypt-keeper womb.

Quinn: And the fact that one of your jizz shots ended up in my vagina instead of on some Everlasting bimbo's face or in one of your moisture-wicking hiking socks means shit to me. This is Chet's baby and always will be.
August: You really think that it's that simple?
Quinn: I do. And if you're having trouble grasping the concept, I have an army of lawyers who will make it clear for you.