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Chris panics when confronted by Gene and Terry and agrees to host a joint party for Amy's first birthday this week. Reagan and Chris debate over what Amy's first word was. Molly Shannon returns as Nancy who enlists Chris's help to seduce a single father. The big day comes and Reagan and Chris's home is invaded by Gene and Terry's family. Ava shows up and presents Amy and her parents with a creepy portrait of the birthday girl. Ave's feelings are hurt when she learns she is not Amy's godmother. Reagan tired of always being the bad cop, sits back and watches Chris try to manage their house full of imposing guests. 

Up All Night
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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

This is really weird playground conversation.


Reagan: Chris, oh my god, I was gone like thirty seconds!
Chris: They ambushed me babe! I need you to be the hammer in situations like that. They just, I'm just a get along guy.