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Erica is surprised to find out that Lisa is a V and isn’t sure if Tyler knows that she is a V. Lisa tells the police that Kyle is one of the people who attacked her and Erica knows that this is a lie. What she doesn’t understand is why they are pinning everything on Kyle.

Anna goes to visit Lisa and gets interviewed with Erica. Erica makes a point – almost a threat to Anna that if someone tried to hurt her son, she would do anything to stop them.  As we all know, it was Anna who had her own daughter beaten and purposely frames Kyle and Professor Parker (who is working on a weapon that Anna feels is a threat to her own kind).
Anna knows she will gain sympathy from the people by showing Lisa to the media. She even goes as far as saying they are leaving and orders one of her ships to leave the planet. 

During the interview, Anna purposely leaves Chad out because she knows that this will cause him to make a plea to his viewers to stop the fifth column and puts together a pro-V rally.

Anna questions Chad to give up his informant, but he realizes that Anna is using him and won’t give him up. 

Erica gets the FBI to focuses on finding Parker instead of Hobbes.

With Val gone, Ryan isn’t sure he wants to be apart of the resistance. Erica, Ryan, and Jack go searching for Parker. Parker tells Erica that someone stole all his research on algae that could harm lizards. Parker tells her the names of his other people that was working in his think tank. Erica then handcuffs Parker just as the FBI team come barging in.  Because of this, FBI Agent Sarita suspects something about Erica.

Back at the station, Erica realizes that Parker was the only missing piece of the puzzle – Anna already captured all the other people.
Later, we find out that Kyle is working both sides. He steals the hard drive from Parker’s computer which has all the information on the threat to the Vs – the algae weapon Parker has been working on creating. He let’s Marcus know that he has it and in exchange he wants the V’s to leave him alone and give him a ton of money.

At the station, Lisa accuses Parker as one of her attackers because she knows how powerful her mother is. As they are about to leave, both Anna and Erica make it clear to each other that neither are going anywhere.

Anna shows Lisa that her eggs are about to hatch and the army will be born soon. Anna also tells Lisa how important Erica is. Lisa promises to keep Erica close. Lisa’s human emotions are developing quite strongly and realizes something must happen to keep these eggs from hatching.

Erica tells Tyler it is okay that he is dating a V and was wrong about them. He believes that she just wants to know about Lisa.

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V Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Erica: The men that hurt you - do you recognize them from anywhere?
Lisa: No.

I don't understand - why would someone do this to me?