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Erica is questioning the sniper, Jeffrey, and he tells her that they were after his family. Jeffrey also tells them that he knows nothing of the computer. Kyle comes in and wants to start torturing him.

Meanwhile, Valerie and Ryan are running away from the clinic.  He admits to her that he is a Visitor.  Ryan tells her that they have to flee because the Visitors are after them.  Valerie is reluctant until two Visitor’s break into their house and try to kill them.

Anna meets with her fleet and tells them that this baby and the parents need to be destroyed.  She sends two finders, but Ryan kills them. When Anna hears of this news, she sends a soldier after them to find and kill them.

Anna tells Lisa to persuade Tyler into being part of the program to live aboard. Anna explains to Lisa that once they get what they want out of him he is disposable.

Chad goes under the surgery to save his life, all the while getting filmed for his TV show.  Anna is waiting for him outside of surgery. She tells him about the fifth column and Chad tells her that he will help the Visitors do anything to stop them.

Erica goes to visit Jeffery’s wife who tells them that it is because of the Visitors that their daughter isn’t paralyzed. Erica snoops around the house and finds the hard drive with the information they need. She goes back to Jeffrey and he tells them that the Visitors are good and it is the humans that are bad.

Jeffrey will not budge on giving them the information they are seeking. But, after some torture, Kyle gets Jeffrey to tell them where the Thompson’s live.

Ryan takes Valerie to the Thompson’s house to keep her safe, but the soldier finds them.  That night, the soldier kills the Thompsons’ and tries to kill Valerie and Ryan, but Jack, Erica, and Kyle get there in time to rescue them.
At the station, Valerie tells Ryan that she doesn’t forgive him and leaves without him.

Chad goes to see Jack and tells him that he is worried about Anna. This is all a lie to find out more information about the fifth column.

Lisa goes to visit Erica and tells her that Tyler is interested in the live aboard program.  When Tyler gets home Lisa tells him that he should stay, but Tyler thinks this is Erica’s doing.  He is furious with his mother and tells her he is going to do this no matter what.

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V Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ryan: We have to go.
Valerie: Where are we going to go?
Ryan: Somewhere where the V's won't find us.

Ryan: I need you to get into the car - okay? The visitors know about us now and will be looking for us.
Valerie: Why?
Ryan: They want our baby.