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On of Anna’s soldiers gets to Val’s hideaway and takes her back to the mothership.

Tyler asks his mom to meet with Anna above the ship for dinner. She agrees, but Tyler doesn’t know Erica has arterial motives.

Erica realizes that she must get rid of the eggs before they hatch. The group contacts Joshua to set something up, but Joshua will not be able to contact them because he had to shut of the device.

Jack contacts Chad and delivers him a fake message. He tells Chad that Anna is trying to get humans to believe the fifth column is terrorists to gain strength against them.

Ryan gets a call from Val’s doctor who tells him that they took Val.  Ryan gets aboard the mothership and is brought to Anna who wants to study Ryan for all the information he has on the fifth column.

Joshua tells Lisa that at 7pm they will create a diversion to kill the eggs that her mother created.  Lisa is hesitant to go against her mother and Joshua reminds her that Anna has a plan for Tyler.

Ryan is brought to Val who is about to have the baby.  She tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want to do this alone. He tells her that he is right there.

Val delivers the baby and both are fine until Anna comes in and injects Val with something that kills her.

Kyle meets with Marcus and gives him half of the information that Parker was working on. Marcus tells Kyle that he has been working for the V’s for a long time and shows him pictures that Kyle has no recollection of.

Chad brings Anna the information and tells him that after the fifth column has been terminated, no one else will be hurt.  Chad brings the letter to Joshua who gets trapped because of the letter that Chad brings him. He tells Chad that Anna has been playing him for a fool and to go check out a room by Anna’s office if he doesn’t believe him.  Chad finds the room where Anna is torturing humans.

Tyler and Erica head up to the mothership to meet with Anna and Lisa for dinner. Erica realizes this that is her one shot to destroy the eggs.  Once they get up on the ship, Erica’s purse with the bomb is taken away.

Erica pretends that she gets a call and Lisa follows her out. Lisa gives her the bomb to kill the eggs.  Lisa tells Joshua that she picked a side and it is the fifth columns and she gets him out of jail.

Back at dinner, Anna gets word of the fifth column attacking. Erica gets inside and kills the eggs with the bomb.

Outside, Joshua is causing mayhem as the fifth column. They both know the only way Erica will not be a suspect will be is Joshua is killed, so Erica shoots him.

Anna tells Erica that a fifth column member was a human that infiltrated her security.  Erica knows that this is a blatant lie.

Ryan is with Val’s dead body when Anna comes in.  She gets him to denounce his human emotions and be in her light when she brings him his baby.

When Anna realizes that almost all her eggs have been killed, she feels her first human emotion – fury. She seeks vengeance by telling all the other ships to hover over the earth.

The episode ends with Joshua waking up alive, but held captive by his own kind.

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V Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You know she has a plan for Tyler - the humans. It's time for you to decide what side you're really on.


Anna's never going to let you out of your site.