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Anna shows Chad a new community called Concordia.  A community where humans and Visitors can coexist in peace.  Chad’s boss hires a new co-anchor to give people the option to hear the other side and he couldn’t be happier.

It’s Tyler’s 18th birthday. He’s an adult now and has to deal with the consequences that come with it.

Ryan meets with Eli and tells him that he needs his help to take Anna  down and save his daughter. They plan to strike that night with a bomb.

At first, Erica doesn’t agree with Ryan that it’s time to strike, but once Anna’s plans for Tyler accelerate, she agrees it’s the perfect time for them to strike.

Erica tells Joe that she needs him to give Tyler what Anna can’t give him - their family back together.  Joe gives Tyler his bike and a trip around the nation.

Everything is set into motion to strike. Ryan is watching from a local hotel the broadcast and realizes that Anna is the only one who can give his daughter bliss.

Marcus gets word of the planned assassin and goes up to speak in Anna’s place.  Marcus and Eli take the shot and send him down.

Chris tells his boss that the whole situation was a planned distraction. He puts a formal request in to open up a full investigation on her.

Ryan comes forth to Anna and tells her he’ll do whatever she wants as long as his daughter receives the bliss she needs.
The episode ends with Eli and Marcus discussing that Ryan is to blame for the failed assassination.

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V Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tyler: Mom, I'm not a kid anymore.
Erica: No You're right. You're a man now.

Erica: Breakfast birthday cake Evans family tradition.
Tyler: When we were a family.