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Three members of the peace ambassadors are killed.  Anna goes to visit the Cardinal to demand answers and brings Chad along.

Anna finds out more information about the human soul. The church decides that they do not want to approve the following of the Visitors and Anna uses every PC means possible to persuade their decision.

The Cardinal overwhelmingly approve of the Visitors. Chad meets with the priest and finds out that Anna has something on him and is taking him back on board. He couldn’t tell Chad anymore, but gave him a ring.

Erica’s old partner in crime comes to help find answers about the Fifth Column and already puts together that Jack may know mare than he’s letting on.

They go to interview Jack about bring connected to the Fifth Column and Erica’s partner believes that he is hiding something.  And that he is - Jack got a message from Collin to meet with him to see if he’s legit.

Tyler feels that the killings is Jack’s fault so he goes to visit his church and leave him a message. He and his buddies tear apart the church. Lisa is completely against his actions.

The Fifth Column barge in on Eli Cohen meeting with Jack.  Eli tells that that 18 years ago his wife was giving birth to their son and something happened. They said that their son was dead, but after he looked into it, the Visitors were somehow involved.

The priest is actually a Visitor and only listens to his queen, Anna’s mother, Diana.  Diana kills the priest to give him a death he deserved.

Jack gets back to the church and his fellow priest tells him that a bunch of hoodlums did the damage. He finds Tyler’s phone on the floor.

Erica’s Lieutenant meets with her new partner and we find out that he’s there to investigate Erica. 

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V Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You're kidding right. He's hiding something.


Follower: You're sounding more and more like Fifth Column.
Jack: Maybe so.