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Katie, Stassi and Kristen get together to help Katie with her wedding invitations and talk about how Scheana has been defending Lala. Stassi makes it very clear to the other girls that if Scheana does not come to her birthday party in Montauk, their friendship is over. Scheana talks to her husband Shay about what to do with the girls and he calls them bullies.

Jax has to have surgery because he his cysts in his chest from his workout supplements. The surgery, performed by the same doctor who did his nose jobs and Brittany's boob job, goes well, but Jax does not seem to take his health seriously or want to stop drinking for Ariana's birthday during his recovery. Schwartz and Sandoval go visit him post-surgery and joke about how him and Brittany have both had work done on their chests. 

Stassi and Scheana both go to their mothers for advice about their fight, and both of them suggest they make up and enjoy Stassi's birthday. Stassi's brother also chimes in and tells his sister that she needs to stay out of other people's business.

James goes to SUR to talk to Lisa and she is unhappy when he curses during their conversation, and she thinks he is still too immature to work for her and suggests he gets another career path.

On the morning of Ariana's birthday trip, Lala is a no show and misses the flight.

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