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After Scheana apologizes to Lala in attempt to make things better at work, she faces a lot of backlash from Stassi, Katie and Kristen. Stassi tries to explain to her that by being nice to Lala she is betraying Katie because she has said a lot of mean things about her. Meanwhile, Katie sends Scheana a lot of vicious text messages about the situation. Sandoval and Jax think that Stassi, Katie and Kristen all have the same brain and warn Scheana that it is not worth trying to have her own opinion.

At Carter and Shay's birthday party, Stassi and Scheana get into a fight about what happened and Ariana tries to defend Scheana. This leads Stassi to burst into tears and made the fight get even more heated between Stassi, Katie and Scheana. It is left unresolved and Scheana does not know if she should still go on Stassi's birthday trip.

Elsewhere during the episode, Stassi asks Brittany for her permission to have Jax on her podcast. She wants to give advice to her listeners about catching a cheater and dating a bad boy. Lisa tells her not to let Jax hang out with Stassi, but she is not threatened and they record. Jax takes a test and the results say he is a sociopath.

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