Lamb & Savino in the Savoy
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-Tommy, an Olympic boxer dies while in Vegas.  He was hit with a pipe.  Ronnie, another boxer, attacked Tommy when he thought he was having an affair with his wife.  He wasn't. Tommy was trying to help her escape their abusive relationship.

-But the beating didn't kill Tommy.  He had a heartache.  Turns out something reacted with the pain meeds he was taking for injuries he's sustained while boxing.

-Ray, Tommy's best friend, drugged his drink in the hopes that Tommy would stop boxing before it killed him.  The Sheriff tells Ray but doesn't arrest him. He feels there isn't enough evidence and that Ray's conscience is punishment enough.

-The mob bosses visit the Savoy.  Johnny, Mia's father, gets himself arrested. When he tries to hit the Sheriff, Lamb hits back and take him in.  Johnny wants Lamb dead.

-Savino goes up against Johnny explaining how another dead sheriff will only hurt their business. He also tries to convince his boss to invest in the expansion in Vegas.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Those construction sites, they can be a death trap.


I wonder how much it costs to have somebody burn your food around here.