Ralph & Jack Question Savino
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-Estelle, an African American maid and shop steward at the Tumbleweed casino is killed in a hit and run.  Sheriff Lamb believes it was murder.

-Estelle was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy, white businessman who was paying for her to go to college.

-Tracy, one of the other maids, resented that Estelle's father was giving her money and blackmailed her for it, eventually running her down when Estelle's remarks at a Union meeting made her angry.

-When Chicago turns down Savino's plans to expand, he looks to get legitimate financing to expand the Tumbleweed, a neighboring casino.

-The Milwaukee mob is looking at the same property. Savino offers to partner but Milwaukee pulls a botched hit on him instead.

-Johnny Rizzo returns and threatens to put the brakes on Savino's plan unless he gives him half of Vince's own cut.  Savino agrees.

-Savino's men kill the Milwaukee rep and bury the body.

-Jack Lamb asks out Mia Rizzo on a date.  She looks interested but already has plans with the DA.

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Time to go be Sheriffs.