Savino Plays Dirty
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-Porter Gainsley opens the Tumbleweed Casino and gives Savino trouble. Savino finds out that Gainsley is in serious debt. He's paying out compensation to 29 families after one of his mines collapsed.


-Agent Byrne uses the IRS to put pressure on all of the Savoy's employees.  He even takes fingerprints from one, Ned Harris who later turns up dead. 


-Harris had been on the run and had started a new life in Vegas. Convinced that Byrne would find out, he fought with his partner in crime, Harry who shot him.


-Harry goes to the Savoy and hold Mia hostage for $20,000 that he hopes will help him make his getaway. When Jack inadvertently intervenes, both are help hostage.  When another employee walks in and then tries to run, Harry shoots him.


-Harry lets Mia go but takes Jack and his truck to try and escape.  Ralph slams his truck into theirs and saves Jack.


-When Mia finds Jack, she tells him she was afraid she'd never see him again and kisses him.


-Savino turns the tables on Porter Gainsley by having giving Agent Byrne an anonymous tip that Gainsley is using money that should be going to the mine workers families to fund the Tumbleweed. Gainsley is arrested.


-Yvonne tells Dixon that their relationship is too complicated when she isn't allowed in the white person's entrance at a movie theater.  Dixon tells her he might not be able to change the world but that their relationship is worth fighting for.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

There like monks. They don't drink, smoke, or gamble. What's the point of living?


Make sure you realize what you're doing and who you're doing it to. My advice, walk away now while you still have a chance.