Will Jack Survive?
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-Dixon saves a girl drowning in a pool only to find out her food was poisoned. Faye Bender is part of a family singing group.


-Her family was going to cut her out of the group because of her bad behavior. Turns out Faye tried to poison her sister to make her ill so she could take over the lead but accidentally ate the wrong sandwich. Dixon arrests her.


-When Katherine realizes that Laura is gone, she offers a deal to Jones, the professional killer who tried to take out Savino. Jones ends up escaping and killing two deputies. 


-Rizzo abducts Jack and tortures him with a cattle prod to get him to incriminate Mia. He insists Mia is innocent. 


-Rizzo tries to kill the junkie who helped him set up Jack but she stabs him helping Jack try to escape. When Rizzo pulls a gun on Jack, Jack shoots and kills him.


-Savino and his boys get stranded in the desert when a deal for stolen slot machines goes wrong. When they finally find their way back the run into Jones.


-They beat Jones for killing Borelli and trying to kill Savino but Vince chooses not to kill Jones. He says he owns him now. 

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You've killed more people than polio.


A little hooky now and then helps me do my job better.