Savino Prepares Lena
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-Lamb gives Savino the tapes from his bugged phone for help taking out Gainsley but their attempt to kill Porter fails when Dixon gets involved. 


-Gainsley retaliates by sending in a new Sheriff to kill Jack and Dylan but the FBI stops him. Savino steps out of his car just as it explodes from a car bomb planted by Gainsley's men.


-After finding out about the bug he planted in Savino's office, Mia breaks up with Jack just as he is about to propose. 


-Savino sends in his hired killer, Jones to get Porter to the slaughterhouse. Instead of killing Gainsley, Ralph arrests him and turns him over the the FBI because he didn't want to lead his son down the wrong path.


-Katherine is still in a coma.  Dixon and Yvonne agree to be a team.  


-Jack goes to Mia and proposes, only to find the Savoy's entertainment director in her home wearing nothing but a towel. Realizing it's truly over, he leaves.


-Savino will have the Tumbleweed open in a few weeks. He offers Ralph a job as his head of security but he has his badge back. Ralph is once again the Sheriff.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

The only real resource in Clark county is neon.


Lena: Trust me. You're coming out of this on top.
Savino: What makes you so sure?
Lena: Because I only pick winners.