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Tonight’s episode opened with Dean starting his internship the same time as Hank’s adventure last week. Dean went to work for Professor Impossible.  Professor Impossible, Phantom Limb and Baron Underbheit are starting a new crime organization called Revenge Society.

Doctor Venture decided to stay in New York with Dean and write a Broadway musical. Dean is promoted to the head of HR for Professor Impossible who told Dean he was starting a rehabilitation program for criminals when he is actually interviewing candidates for the newly formed Revenge Society.

The Revenge Society believed that Doctor Venture was there to stop them. After recruiting new a few new members they lured Doctor Venture to the Impossible Plaza where they had him cornered. Fat Chance fell on him and he was sucked into his portable space.

Meanwhile, Dean found Cody trapped in the reactor room where Professor Impossible had been using him to provide power to the entire complex. Dean set Cody free and he went running out of the building with Dean on his heals trying to put him out with a fire extinguisher.

Dean goes home and talks to Hank, and as they are discussing their summer a younger sharper Doctor Venture steps out of a portal, quickly followed by the regular Doctor Venture. The new Rusty Venture asked Dean to explain to his father he couldn’t come to his dimension and try to replace him.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Night, night Doctor Venture, pleasant screams.

Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb: On the upside, Vernor did a great job as the cabby, until you gassed him.
Professor Impossible: Alright that's just passive aggressive friend.