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Tonight’s episode started with Hank getting an ultimatum from his father that he must find a job. Hank decided to open his own detective agency. Hank takes a case with Al (The Alchemist) to find out if Brock is really Dermott’s father.

Hank and Al showed a picture of Dermott’s mother around including to Brock Sampson. Brock said he had never seen her before. Al and Hank paid a visit to Dermott as he was taking the trash out from work. Dermott continued to say that Brock was his dad, and his mom had given him a key that was supposed to be his dad's.

Alchemist and Orpheus cast a spell on the key and viewed where it came from. It turned out that Rusty Venture was Dermott’s father and that his mother is really his older sister Nikki. Meanwhile Rusty went to question Nikki and they ended up having sex.

The Alchemist went to tell Hank he was off the case and forgot to remove the spell so when he picked it up he saw the whole truth too. However, Brock and Shore Leave used the mind eraser to make him forget that Dermott was his half brother and that he had sex with his dad’s old girlfriend. However, Hank did leave himself a video message sharing the part about losing his virginity.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Hank: Not the hat.
Nikki: Why is that you're lucky hat?
Hank: I don't know yet, ask me in the morning.

What was it like? Like naked skydiving into a mountain of warm whip cream.