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Tonight’s episode started with Dean in his sleeping pod getting the last of his education. When he wakes the bed print’s him a diploma. Hank’s pod opens and he was wearing ear plugs and a sleeping mask so no diploma printed for him.

Meanwhile, in prison Phatom Limb was able to make his escape with a shoe, a toaster, and a coffee mug.  Hank and Dean continued the morning by trying to figure out the top five things they wanted to do with their life. After Dr. Venture told them they were going to look at colleges, Hank decided to run off and join the army.

Phantom Limb went to see Richard Impossible to get his help making another phantom limb for him. After helping Richard fight off an attacking arch villain, Richard agreed to help. Hank went to S.P.H.I.N.X. to enlist in the service. Col. Hunter Gathers initially declined Hank’s request but gave in eventually, and after finding that he could not just tie Hank up and forget about him, he decided to try and over work him to get him to quit.

Phantom Limb broke into a college science storage area to steal the plans to “Limb Augmentation Apparatus” just as some diamond dogs come in and deliver a message from the new leader of The Guild. Phantom refused and the dogs chase him around until the Phantom is blown out of the building and Professor Impossible catches him.

Hank passed all of the tests for S.P.H.I.N.X. that Col Hunter Gathers ran him through, but, they still turned him down. Brock went to see Hank and explained that his life wasn’t for him and that he needed to have a high school diploma. When Hank smashed his head into the bed in frustration a wrinkled diploma spits out and Brock said he now had to be 18.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

You're lucky you were not on duty when he had a conjugal visit with a freaking shoe.


Dean: I think we just graduated
Hank: We did? Does that mean we can finally ditch these nerd pods and get bunk beds?