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Tonight’s episode opened Billy Quizboy posing as Dr. Donavan at a local hospital and seeing three men hovering over a King Gorilla and  then reaching into his chest and taking his heart right out of his chest.

Billy goes back to his trailer and tried to convince Pete White that the three men (called The Investors) were going to come for them. A moment later there was a knock on the door and Billy went outside and disappeared.

Billy was captured by Monstroso and taken to his complex by the investors where Monstroso shows him a good time and talked of him becoming immortal. While Billy is being held by Monstroso, Pete White goes to SPHINX and asked them to help save Billy.

Col. Hunter Gathers, Brock and Shoreleave all agree to help him and using Billy’s mechanical hand as a homing beacon they find that Monstroso was holding him on a huge boat. Brock and Shoreleave break into the boat.

Monstroso explained to Billy that King Gorilla had made a deal to give Monstroso his heart when he died and that Billy was there to perform heart replacement surgery. Brock found Billy while he was doing the surgery and Billy convinced him that he couldn’t let Monstroso just die.

Billy was checking on a recovering Monstroso and when he walked out, he was in the SPHINX headquarters where Brock is waiting for Monstroso to be well enough to kill him.

Venture Brothers
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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Monstroso: Let me tuck you in. Is that too tight?
Billy: There is no blood getting to my face.

Pirate Captain: We grow our own pot and legalize the gay marriage.
Shoreleave: I am going to retire here.