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Lagertha accuses Aslaug of bewitching her husband and taking him from her. 

Aslaug renounces everything and asks Lagertha for safe passage. Lagertha allows her to pass, and then shoots her in the back with an arrow. 

Ragnar is seized and beaten by Ecbert's men. 

The town holds a funeral for Aslaug and sends her body to sea. 

King Ecbert arrives and assures Ragnar that no harm will come to Ivar. He tells him it was his decision to have his son slaughter their settlement. He introduces Ragnar to his son Magmus. Ragnar says he never had sex with his mother. 

Ubbe and Sigurd arrive home to find that Lagertha killed their mother. Ubbe attacks, but is taken down by her guards. 

Ragnar tells Ecbert that he has to kill him. 

Aethelwulf tells Magmus he has to leave or he will kill him. 

Ragnar and Ecbert discuss whether their gods exist and the ridiculousness of heaven and Valhalla. They also discuss how much they both cared about Athelstan. 

Astrid threatens Ubbe and Sigurd, telling them if they hurt Lagertha, she will kill them. 

Ragnar meets Athelstan's son. 

Ecbert tells Ragnar he cannot kill him. Ragnar asks him to ensure Ivar gets home safely, and in return, he will have Ivar absolve Ecbert of all guilt for his death so his other sons will not come back for revenge. He asks Ecbert to turn him over to King Aelle. 

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Ragnar: Someone once explained to me what a miracle is. Now I understand, Magmus. Your birth was a miracle.
Magmus: A miracle?
Ragnar: Yes, because I never had sex with your mother. All she ever did was piss on me.

Aslaug: How strange Lagertha that you should play the usurper, One woman against another. it doesn't quite fit with your reputation.
Lagertha: I was never the usurper, always the usurped. You took my husband, my world, and my happiness. The fact that you're a woman is neither here nor there.