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There is a small attack on Kattegat, but the Vikings take them down easily. They were looking for weakness in their defenses. 

Ecbert and Aethelwulf prepare for the Great Heathen Army. Aethelwulf's sons want to fight, but he says no. 

The brothers bicker as they get closer to Wessex. 

Aethelwulf decides they will move towards the Vikings, rather than wait for them in Wessex. 

Helga wakes Floki and tells him that the girl they adopted is gone. Floki finds her hiding near the water and brings her back. 

There is a much larger attack on Kattegat. Lagertha sets a group of attackers on fire and the rest retreat. Torvi is killed in the battle. 

Lagertha takes Egil, the leader of the attackers, prisoner. She wants to know who paid for their army. He reveals he was paid by King Harald Finehair. 

Ivar and Bjorn go to inspect the battlefield. Ivar suggests they change fighting styles and surprise the Saxons. 

The Vikings implement Ivar's plan, and they surround the Saxon army. 

Aethulwulf wants to move towards the Vikings ships and destroy them, which is exactly what Ivar expected them to do. The Vikings attack and the episode ends mid battle. 


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Vikings Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

So this is what the grunting of the little pigs was all about?


Egil's wife: Just tell them Egil!
Egil: If I do it it is for you, not for me. I am dead anyway. Perhaps they will spare you. I was paid by King Harald Finehair.