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In the aftermath of the battle, the townspeople attend to the dead and injured. 

Bishop Heahmund is recovering from his injuries. Lagertha questions him about his religion. He asks why she didn't kill him, and she says perhaps we'll find out. 

Hvitserk suggests to Ivar that they ask Rollo for help and Ivar agrees. 

Floki is warned that David is trying to undermine his authority because he wants to be king. Floki says they must remain calm and not fight each other. Soon after, a fight breaks out over the temple they are building. 

Lagertha, Bjorn, and Ubbe learn that Rollo is sending soldiers to Ivar and Hvitserk. Rollo's condition is that they spare Bjorn's life. 

Heahmund tells Lagertha that he will fight for her against Ivar. 

Ubbe tells Torvi he wishes it was her who carried his child and the two of them have sex. 

Aethelwulf wants to make a plan to win their land back from the Great Heathen Army. Aethelwulf dies and Aethelred expects to be king, but Ecbert saw Alfred as the future king. Aethelred declines the throne and nominates Alfred to be king. 

Someone sets Floki's new temple on fire. 

Heahmund pledges himself to Lagertha. 



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Vikings Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

We just lost the battle. So many died. Do you really think I should be happy?


Bjorn: Maybe we can negotiate some sort of agreement. Perhaps King Harald and Rollo will see sense.
Lagertha: I wouldn't count on it. They are in a position of strength now.