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Alfred keeps his word and grants the Vikings the land he promised them. He tells his guards to arrest the traitors, but his brother is left alone. 

Bjorn takes Gunnhild prisoner and questions her about Lagertha's disappearance. She says she didn't see anything. He frees her and she slaps him. 

Judith encourages Alfred to talk to Aethelred. He doesn't want to, and has already decided to forgive him, but she asks to speak with him anyway. The rest of the traitors are hung. 

The son from the banished family comes to Floki and begs him to save them. They're all sick and dying. 

Judith talks to Aethelred who tells her the truth. He swears he'll never betray Alfred again. 

Ivar tells Hvitskerk he wants to return to England and battle Alfred. 

The boy tells Floki his father has changed. Floki is torn on whether or not to help. 

Alfred is sick, and his wife tells Judith that she's pregnant. 

Hvitserk is given a Buddha by a stranger and learns a little about Buddhism. 

Bjorn tells Gunnhild that he wants to take Kattegat back from Ivar. He wants to team up with Harald. 

Floki decides to help the boy's family. 

Judith realizes that the kingdom cares more about Aethelred and she worries for Alfred. She poisons Aethelred. 

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Bjorn: You're a free woman. You can do anything you like.
Gunnhild: [slaps Bjorn].
Bjorn: What was that for?
Gunnhild: I was just exercising my freedom.

Bjorn: You killed Heahmund, one of the greatest Saxon warriors.
Gunnhild: He was already badly wounded. I just finished him off.