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Bjorn escapes death thanks to the distraction of an impending sandstorm. 

King Harald and Astrid are fooling around in the woods when Ivar's ship arrives. Ivar tells him they wish to make an alliance with him to bring down Lagertha. 

Lagertha discovers Floki about to take off with several citizens of Kattegat. Floki asks to be killed rather than imprisoned. Lagertha feels betrayed by him and those he convinced to leave with him. She allows them all to go. 

Ivar gives Bishop Heahmund a choice to fight with him or die. Ivar tells him he's jealous of him. 

Ivar and Harald agree to attack Kattegat in two months when their ships are repaired and ready. 

Alfred decides he is going to leave on a pilgrimage to a monastery to find out who his father really was.

Astrid pays someone to deliver a message to Kattegat for her. She wants her to know when the attack is coming. He agrees in exchange for money and sex, and then ambushes her with his whole crew. Lagertha gets the message that Ivar has joined Harald. 

Floki and his recruits arrive on the land of the Gods. 

Bishop Heahmund chooses to fight with Ivar rather than die. 

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Harald: What is it you really want, Ivar Lothbrok?
Ivar: Revenge. I dream of the many ways I can make Lagertha suffer before I kill her. I want revenge because she killed my beautiful mother.
Harald: What of the kingdom? What of Kattegat?
Ivar: That is not so important to me.
Harald: But sure you would rather win-
Ivar: I said that is not so important to me. What is it about the word "king" that makes even reasonable people behave like idiots?

Ivar: In the long term, what is to stop you from ruling Kattegat when I am dead and gone? How long can that be? I'm not a very healthy person. I'm a cripple.
Harald: But your brother, Hvitserk?
Ivar: All that matters to the both of us is to reclaim the kingdom that was torn from us from that murderous bitch, Lagertha.