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Ivar claims the throne of Kattegat and he and his supporters celebrate their victory. 

Floki offers to sacrifice himself to help the Iceland settlement. A vote is taken and they decide against sacrificing him, causing a rift between father and son who voted opposite sides. 

Rollo returns to Kattegat and tells Ivar that he expects him to form an alliance if he ever needs his support. 

Ivar tells Rollo that Lagertha is still alive, but they don't know where she is. They have scouts looking for her. 

Bjorn, Lagertha, and the others discuss where they should go where Ivar won't find them. Bishop Heahmund suggests they go to England where he can ask the king to protect them in exchange for agreeing to fight for him against other raiding Vikings.

Margrethe yells at Torvi for stealing her husband and chaining her up to keep her away from him. Ubbe tells her she is too dangerous to set free. 

Heahmund tells Lagertha that in his faith he has to be celibate, but he can't renounce her like other women in his past. 

Alfred wants the Church to start teaching in English so everyone can learn. It causes a stir, but he wants to focus on the approaching Northmen first. 

Rollo finds Lagertha and Bjorn's hiding place. He wants to save Lagertha and Bjorn's lives and offers them safe passage. Lagertha is suspicious of his motives and he tells her he's always loved her and believes Bjorn is his son. She denies it, but he doesn't buy it.

Rollo tells Bjorn he's his father. Bjorn says he's heard that rumor, but he looks like Ragnar and doesn't care about Rollo. Bjorn dismisses him and announces that he wants to kill him for betraying his father. He doesn't, but they do refuse his offer.

Ivar brings Margrethe back to Kattegat and Hvitserk frees her. 

Heahmund and the others arrive in Wessex to learn Alfred is King. 



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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Rollo: Of course Bjorn Ironside lives, I taught him to fight! Who can kill him?
Ivar: There is someone else who is still alive. The woman that haunts my days and nights.

Ivar: We obviously want to reward you for what you have done for us.
Rollo: Don't worry, you will. We will strike a trade deal which will be extremely favorable to me. We will also make an alliance for our mutual defense so that if I am attacked by anyone, you will send warriors to support me.