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Oleg returns to Kiev and executes a bunch of his men.

He then destroys Igor's stuff and says he has to become a man.

Oleg then tries to manipulate Hvitserk and says there is more to the drama in Kiev than meets the eye.

He gets Hvitserk high on poppy seeds and sends him back on the drugs. 

Dir appears in Kiev and tells Ivar and Igor to be ready because he will send a dagger and that will be their message to flee everywhere.

Meanwhile, Eric starts scheming and puts Gunnhild against Ingrid because he wants some semblance of power in Kattegat.

Gunnhild uses Ingrid's pregnancy against her and the two women start arguing over who should be Queen. 

In Iceland, Kettil schemes to get rid of Ubbe before it's too late, but Ubbe says they should be Vikings and look elsewhere.

His plan works, and they leave on the ships.

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Gunnhild: I seem to recall you saying Prince Harald raped you.
Ingrid: I knew I was pregnant before that.
Gunnhild: That should be my child.

Gunnhild: What do you want?
Eric: You know what I want.