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Lagertha geared up for another battle in her village. 

It came down to her and Whitehair, with them fighting back and forth. 

However, things took a turn when all of her weapons were destroyed. In the nick of time, Whitehair accidentally made her shield a weapon and she killed him. 

She vowed to return to Kattegat and left Gunnhild behind. 

Upon her return, she was slain by Hvitserk who continued to have hallucinations. Lagertha said she knew she would be killed by one of Ragnar's children. 

Bjorn was beaten to be King by Harald, and it became clear there was animosity between them. Harald put a kill order on Bjorn and he fled, but not before stranger could help him. 

The stranger was revealed to be an outlaw, who said they could try help each other stay alive. 

Across the pond, things took a dangerous turn when Oleg married Katia and proceeded to have sex with her on a table in front of Ivar. 

Ivar was annoyed, but Oleg said he wanted to do it to get back at him for everything he's done. 

We left with Ivar asking to leave, but Oleg saying no, and to continue watching. 

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

King Olaf: And so it has been fated, and who are we to question the wisdom of the Gods? Harald, fine heir, you have been chosen to be the first King of all Norway. Drink from the sacrificial cup.
[Harald drinks]
King Olaf: Kneel. Let know one here dispute this result. But embrace it freely in the spirit of all gathered here today. Harald, fine heir, I crown you the first King of all Norway. All hail King Harald. King of all Norway.

Gunnhild: You were right.
Lagertha: Not a cause for satisfaction.