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Oleg realizes that he has been betrayed and sets out to get answers.

He visits the tomb of his wife and vows to take down everyone that has crossed him throughout the years.

In a deadly turn of events, he decides to attack Dir's army.

In Norovgood, Igor is deemed the king and everyone is happy about it, but there's more animosity than every before when they learn of Oleg's plan.

In Kattegat, Harald says that he wants to be married to both Gunnhild and Ingrid, and that he wants to rule with both of them by his side.

Gunnhild asks Ingrid why she would marry her abuser, and Ingrid points out the lack of options she has as a former slave.

In the end, Gunnhild agrees and visits Bjorn's grave and tells him that Vikings are over and she will find a way to make everything right.

In Iceland, a whale washes up on the shore and Ketjil says that it his for his family and that people must not cross the line to take any. 

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Harald: You and I, and Bjorn... we belong together. We danced around each other. We hated and we loved each other. I remember every time I ever saw you, and I remember every time I was in the company of Bjorn. Our sagas are one and the same. Bjorn died. I also died. But for some reason I came back to life. You can't have Bjorn anymore. At least not as a warm body in your bed. You can have me. And you can be Queen of Kattegat.
Gunnhild: If I marry you?
Harald: If I ask you, in all humility, and I expect no immediate answer.

I'm Prince Egor! Emperor of Rus!