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The Vikings are still in this new land and Floki admits that he has put the past behind him, once and for all.

This strikes a chord with Ubbe, who wonders how they managed to meet back up after all these years apart.

Ultimately, Ubbe agrees to stay, but one of the Vikings is looking for gold and kills a child.

The natives want justice, so Ubbe agrees to kill the man responsible and the natives allow them to stay on the island, but note that they do not own the land.

Ivar is killed in battle, but not before he tells Hvitserk to run.

Hvitserk returns to be at his brother's side, and Alfred calls off the battle. Hvitserk is welcomed into Wessex and baptized with a new faith.

Things take an even bigger turn when Ingrid realizes that she is in power and has to make some big decisions about the future of Kattegat.

Will she be a merciless leader?

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

I left when the sadness became too much.


We all have a duty to preserve the old ways.