Descending Into Debauchery - Vinyl
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Bobby is alone. Devon left him with the house and the kids. So he goes on a bender. A big bad bender. His old Warhol friend is there with bad advice. Bobby says his mother is half black.

Devon is getting back into the business. She's a nude model It appears someone will be making a plaster of her. They leave her posed and begin to make out. Ingrid and the artist, that is.

Richie is a crass coked out mess. When he gets into the office, he's a maniac. He puts on a Little Richard album I played a thousand times when I was a little girl. He's trying to get Ernst to find Devon. Ernst has ketchup on his pants, but it's not ketchep. It's blood.

Andie is in the office. Her first day. She already called a meeting. Zach says hi. They seem happy to be working together again. Richie is going more coke again.

Richie walks into the conference room. He's been missing all week and he's singing and screaming. When Andie tries to run the meeting, Richie is annoying. Until he decides to screw the receptionist.

Andie wants to stop by to see David Bowie and maybe get a bite to eat with him before his show.

Coke dick keeps him from screwing the receptionist.

Andie and Zak meet David and chat. He's amazing. Of course. But he doesn't think much of Zak, preferring to meet Andie later for a bite.

Meanwhile Richie sees Andy Warhol at Max's and throws him to the ground. It's then that I start wondering if Ernst is even a real man.

Ricbie steals a car. Ernst says it's not a good idea. I know it's not real. He keeps talking about Nathan's hot dogs.

Devon is getting high with Ingrid and Paul. They aren't even with Paul. Just now Devon sees a photo of Ernst and Ingrid says Ernst was the real handful. Devon and Richie are better together than apart.

Ingrid wonders if Devon has fallen out of love with him.

Richie continues his bender with Ernst who we discover is dead. The last time everyone went on a bender, Richie caused a car accident in which he was killed. Buddy Holly was on the radio and it happened right next to the Cyclone roller coaster.

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Vinyl Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I can't be the first person who ever mentioned it to your face. The logo looks like a toilet.


Zak: How bout she steals back Hannibal she's so valuable.
Richie: No.
Zak: Huh? Why not?
Richie: Because he tried to shove his dick in my wife is why not!