Stop in Vegas - Vinyl
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Richie is back on the wagon. They're also cutting up their cards, getting their spending together at AC. No more extravagant dinners. What about the plane? Sell it.

Zak wants to take their six hours on the flight to LA to talk about just how much Richie disappointed him. When Richie said he didn't have an ear, it really hurt. 

Zak asks about Maury Gold coming into the office so often. Richie lies, of course. 

Devon is still calling Richie, but only to talk about lawyers. It's not exactly the best trip for Richie to be on fresh off the bottle.

Jamie is in a tug of war between her mother and her aunt. Will she wind up on the street?

Chuck doesn't fit in the mailroom very well. And they really have a lot of people in the mailroom. Maybe they could save money by letting go of one of the three of them. Dang. The fellows don't like Chuck, don't let him sit down and steal albums when they come in.

Mama Cass Elliott spotting!!

They discover Elvis might be looking for a new label. Zak is too excited. They go. 

Elvis isn't the guy they remember. He's singing music they don't know. Zak wants to leave the show. Whether it's the drugs or the booze speaking, who knows? But it could be the ladies.

They go to play Blackjack, and Zak is a mess. He doesn't even want Elvis if the Colonel calls. 

Zak goes to the room and prepares to have a three way. Richie goes to Elvis' suite. They talk. Richie wonders if he likes Abraham Maslow by any chance. Hierarchy of Needs? Hell yeah. Richie wants to get Elvis with a gut bucket band and show people how rock and roll is supposed to feel.

While they were talking, the Colonel came in and Elvis became a completely different man. Elvis was ordered to leave.

Meanwhile, Zak was robbed by a couple of really good con women.

Zak wants to die. 

Their trip home with screaming babies on a crowded plane was a lot different. Still, it was a movie plane, with lots of leg room and wide aisles. Then again, maybe that's how they were in the 70s. 

OMG. Richie took the money. He kept seeing the number 18 and was so certain it would hit on roulette that he bet the entire bunch on the number, losing it all, blaming it all on Zak, letting him thank him for caring for him. What a prick!

He rell right off that wagon on the flight home. The two Smirnoffs leaving an 18 on his book with the water left behind.


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Vinyl Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Act British, spend Yiddish.


Zak: I'm comin' with ya.
Richie: You hate LA.
Zak: I hate everywhere.