Turning On the Charm - Vinyl
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Richie isn't at Buck's funeral. That doesn't look good. 

Instead, he's at counseling with Devon, telling her how committed he is to her, see, because he's not even at Buck's funeral. He's destroying a couch with a tennis racket, and seeing Buck's face on the other end. He's not attacking Devon, see?

Julie tells the other guys to stfu about the sale already. They really think they're ever getting pussy again they ever get out of the record business?

Hannibal is in the office today. It's time to sign a new contract. Richie takes him into his office for a little coddling, including drugs and ladies.

The Nasty Bitz are also in the office today to sign their contract. Lester Grimes shows up at the same time, his tapes in hand. 

Everything is falling behind because Richie asked the guys to do lunch, but I don't think he realized how busy it was going to be. It played against him instead of for him.

I really liked seeing how a record was made. Very cool.

Skip tries to get the Donnie Osmond run stopped. It's illegal. I feel like an asshole for owning Donnie Osmond albums.

Robert Goulet gets introduced to Hannibal. 

CeCe and Hannibal find each other and something begins.

Lester wants to know what the fuck Richie was thinking. Is he a sideshow monkey or what? Richie really didn't want to hurt him. But he did. Lester sets the tape on fire and leaves.

Devon goes to see a divorce attorney who tells her she is not really seeking divorce, rather to find another card in her arsenal to hold against Richie the next time they fight. She doesn't like that at all.

Lester sees the Nasty Bitz eating their lunch outside and strikes up a conversation. He gives the who record business to them straight. The same spiel Richie and the guys gave to the Germans when they were getting ready to sell, so he's not messing with them.

Lester faces Richie like he's ready to throw down.

Skip is running all over town confusing me about the Donnie Osmond Albums.

Lester is going to specialize in people Richie Finestra is ready to gut. The two argue over the Bitz contract and such. Richie loved what he heard outside of his house that night. Wonders if the guy writes his own stuff. Lester realizes he never stops hustling. 

Cece is with Hannibal at his show. She witnesses Jackie Jervis and Andrea in action backstage. Hannibal goes onstage with "Oh Lady, Let's Make a Baby," and it's pretty funky!

Richie is doing blow instead of going to the concert. When the secretary tells Richie Jervis is all over Hannival at the convert, he tells the her to tell CeCe to offer to blow him, he'll be there in 10 minutes. She wonders if he means Hannibal or Jervis. He just stares at her a minute. It's just an expression. But Hannibal, if the opportunity should arise.

Two homicide detectives come in. They're star-struck to learn Robert Goulet is singing nearby. Richie didn't attend the funeral, they noticed. And the last phone call from Buck? It was to Richie.

Cut to the garbage day after Christmas song from Goulet, which was the only original on the album. Goulet's choice.

Richie calls Devon. He has to take Hannibal and his circus out after the show. "I spoke to a lawyer today, a divorce lawyer." He has to run. She scrubs a hole into the bottom of her pan and begins to cry before beating the hell out of her kitchen sink and the window before her.

Richie goes to a little hole in the wall jazz bar. His father is playing. Their relationship seems rocky. Richie tells him he needs an alibi.



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Vinyl Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Welcome to American Century. Be ready to take it up the ass.


He's ruining my life! I'm not hitting the goddamned couch with a tennis racket!