Surprising Duo - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 9
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Doc tells Hope Jack would shoot the messenger if she tells him about Charmaine, so she needs to find a new messenger. Hope passes it on to Mel.

Doc goes to Seattle and Hope hears that Muriel is there, too.

While Hope tells Lilly she doesn’t think Vernon is cheating with Muriel, she still snoops around his office trying to find out what he’s up to.

In Seattle, Doc meets Muriel for lunch.

Connie wants to work out Preacher's alibi. Preacher thinks it’s too late since the Sheriff called him and he knows they found Wes’s car.

The Sheriff tells Preacher the missing vehicle belonged to Wes, who now has a warrant out for his arrest.

Ricky ditches work and sleeps with Lizzie. Afterwards, Connie catches Ricky in the kitchen in his underwear.

Mel worries after Jack stands her up for lunch. She goes to Charmaine to ask for help in tracking him down.

Charmaine tells Mel she’s decided it’s probably better she and Jack aren’t together. She promises to tell Jack about the potential move.

Jack finds Spencer’s trailer deserted. Brady and Jimmy find and take him to Calvin.

Calvin issues a warning to Jack to stay out of his business or he won’t walk away next time.

Jamie tells Preacher a former mentor is opening a restaurant in San Francisco and with her recommendation, he wants to hire Preacher, but he has to commit to the job within 24 hours.

Preacher sees a man who looks just like Wes at the bar.

Doc comes home and surprises Hope with a proposal. Instead of answering him, Hope plays him a voicemail of Muriel making plans to meet him that afternoon.

Mel finally tracks down Jack and tells him she loves him.

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

How can I stand by and watch Charmaine blow his life up, knowing I could have done something about it?


Mel: When are you gonna stop, Jack?
Jack: Stop what?
Mel: Going to war.
Jack: I’ll stop when it’s over.