WIDE Fishing Outing - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4
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Jack tells Mel he thinks Charmaine will want to live together to take care of the twins, but he doesn’t want to lead her on.

Charmaine asked Jack if he’s dating Mel. He admits they slept together once after he and Charmaine broke up, but they aren’t dating.

Muriel and Doc went to the string quartet concert and Jo Ellen told Hope she saw them there. Hope abandons Doc as her partner for the egg relay and instead suggests he do it with Muriel.

Lizzie goes to Mel to get on birth control and Connie finds the prescription.

Virgin River holds the 33rd Annual Community Picnic and Mel feels like people are staring at her. Ricky admits people heard she had sex with Jack to steal him away from Charmaine. Mel confronts Jack about how the town knows, and he admitted he told Charmaine just the day before.

Jack notices Ricky is stricken with Lizzie and he encourages him to talk to her, but Lizzie has eyes for Brady.

A newcomer to town, Jamie, introduces herself to Mel. Jamie is a restaurant owner in San Francisco and is having a vacation in Virgin River.

Lilly tells Jack she got a cash offer from Brady to sell her farm to an Emerald Lumber. Jack confronts Brady about the shady deal.

Preacher looks for a spare bakery truck key and finds Wes’s phone at Paige's house.

Mel and Jack win the egg relay, ruining Doc’s winning streak.

Mel confronts Charmaine about spreading rumors about her, leading to Charmaine firing Mel as her provider.

Mark’s sister, Stacey, shows up at Mel’s unannounced and asks for their grandmother’s ring, which Mark gave to Mel when he proposed.

Jack spends the night on Hope’s couch on the condition that Charmaine quit gossiping about Mel.

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

My grandma heard from her hairdresser in Clear River that you had sex with Jack to steal him away from Charmaine.


Those two were canoodling just like teenagers all the way through the first concerto.

Jo Ellen