Jack and Jill - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 6
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  • Mel gets Brie settled and let's her sleep. Jack finds her Xanax bottle and wonders why she's taking it when she hates taking anything.
  • Doc is told he has to take over running the Lumberjack games. T
  • he lumberajck games are crowded and busy.
  • Tara tells Connie about Lilly's cancer and Connie shares it witht he sewing circle. Lilly apologizes for putting the burden on Tara to keep it secret.
  • Charmaine calls and asks Jack to take Tucker the dog because Todd is allergic. Jack reluctantly agrees.
  • Mike tells Jack that Brady is the primary suspect in Jack's shooting now because his alibi is off.
  • Brie tells Mel that she had a bad breakup with another attorney in Sacramento, and she quit her job, that's why she's been on the Xanax, and she left.
  • Doc's eyesight is causing issues for him.
  • Mel breaks down and tells Jack about what Brie said, and they talk about pritoritizes changing for some people. Mel implies that Jack is afraid of a relatoinship changing his life. But then they put the conversation on hold.
  • Preacher looks for Christopher who isn't where he last left him and enlists help from the others.
  • Jack tries to talk to Brie, and she brings up that it feels like they're strangers and he's been distant from her and the family ever since Iraq. She inquires about the tension between him and Mel, and tells him about her Mandy slip-up.
  • Doc gets roped into shooting like he does every year, but he's worried because of his sight. But he manages to pull it off and it makes him happy and boosts his confidence.
  • Preach finds Christopher and they make a deal.
  • Lizzie sees Ricky talking to the marine recruit.
  • Jack and Mel do the tandem couple competiton. They bicker about Mel saying he's protecting himself and pulling back and bring up the baby thing. Jack reminds her that it's only been a couple of days and he needs time to think and that it feelsl ike she wants an answer now to set up a Plan B. They end up making up.
  • Jack tells Mel about Mandy. They also talk about her want for a baby again, and he mentions that the twins would be hers too if they got married. Mel says she's happy and she wants to be with him, but she also wants a baby and knows that the feeling won't go away even for the twins. She wants Jack to still think about it.
  • Mel gets a call that there's an emergency at Lilly's.
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Virgin River Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Mel: You should talk to Jack. He's really worried about you.
Brie: I don't know. We're not as close as we used to be.
Mel: But you're both here now. You can change that.

Brie: I was dating this guy in Sacramento and it ended badly. Really badly. So I quit my job.
Mel: Did you work with him?
Brie: Uh, no. No, I just, I couldn't stand the idea of seeing him in court.